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Your Voice Matters

PFAC Patient

The Ontario Renal Network is pleased to announce the new Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). The PFAC is a group of dedicated and dynamic individuals – patients, family members and caregivers – representing a range of experiences with the kidney care system. Some PFAC members have chronic kidney disease and are on dialysis; some have had or are waiting for a kidney transplant; some care for loved ones who are affected by kidney disease. All are interested in improving the way kidney care is delivered in Ontario.

Our PFAC members share their experiences in the Ontario kidney system to help guide the development of policies and initiatives that directly impact the way kidney care is provided. PFAC members collaborate with our staff on various committees, teams and working groups in planning and evaluating kidney care services. Patient and Family Advisors ensure that patient, family member and caregiver voices are represented in the design, delivery and evaluation of Ontario’s kidney care system. By sharing their unique perspectives and experiences, Patient and Family Advisors help the Ontario Renal Network continue to improve the lives of people living with chronic kidney disease.

Ontario Renal Network’s PFAC includes patient representatives from across the province who have a variety of renal modalities. The PFAC was launched on October 20, 2015.