Ontario Renal Network | Reseau Renal de L'Ontario

Centres of Practice


Patients across Ontario should have timely access to dialysis-related care, including peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter insertions and vascular access (VA) creations. Currently, inconsistency and gaps in access exist in different areas of the province.

In order to ensure that patients have access to timely and quality care, regardless of where they live, the Ontario Renal Network is piloting and evaluating the creation of Centres of Practices for PD catheter insertions and VA creations.

To refer patients for a VA or PD procedure, please contact the coordinator for the closest Centre of Practice performing the required service.

Coordinators will work with you to determine if the patient can be accommodated at their centre for the required procedure. In addition, Centres of Practice may be able to reimburse your patients for their food and travel costs.