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We have developed a series of videos in partnership with patients and family members sharing their perspective on living with kidney disease. In these videos they speak candidly about their experiences with kidney disease, starting dialysis, dialysis treatment options and peer support. Please take a few minutes to watch the videos, which offer hope and suggestions for living well with kidney disease.

Husband and wife swinging a toddler

Living with Kidney Disease: Family Member Perspective
Family members share their experiences on living with kidney disease, including what they have learned, what they wish they had known and how it has impacted their life.

Patient with family at a table

Creating support for CKD among peers
Aboriginal patients with CKD are resilient and empowered when they share their stories with each other in an honest and positive way.

Living with Kidney Disease

Living with Kidney Disease
Patients share what they have learned along their kidney care journey. They tell stories of how they have tried to integrate care, dialysis and other challenges associated with kidney disease into their life.

Living with Kidney Disease

Starting Dialysis
Patients talk about what it was like to first start dialysis treatments.

Living with Kidney Disease

Dialysis Treatments
Patients share their reasons for choosing or switching to a particular dialysis treatment.

Living with Kidney Disease

Patient to Patient Support
People living with kidney disease share their ideas on how to live well with this condition. This video focuses on what they have learned and what they wish they knew when they were diagnosed.

We would like to thank all of the participants featured in the videos for volunteering to share their experiences and practical advice. It is our hope that patients and families affected by kidney disease will find these videos helpful and empowering.